Jeffrey Shepro, P.C. provides commercial landlord representation in leasing transactions and other contract matters. Successfully managing one or more rentals can be an extremely profitable and rewarding experience. However, managing commercial lease properties in New York is not without challenges. Many property owners find that there is much more to owning a commercial rental property than they originally anticipated.

From ensuring that your new lease agreements provide maximum protection to enforcing lease provisions, it’s easy for a landlord to become overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done to have a successful leasehold.

By working with a seasoned commercial real estate attorney, you can ensure that you are moving forward towards your goals. Jeffrey Shepro, P.C. offers comprehensive legal support to commercial property owners throughout New York & Connecticut and can provide you with the expertise needed to achieve those goals.

Helping to Manage Rental Assets Effectively

There are numerous factors that go into effectively managing one or more rental assets, including property maintenance, financial planning, and more. In order to be successful, you must ensure that your out-of-pocket costs do not exceed your rental income, and you must devise ways to increase your rental income year over year.

However, this can be difficult for the average landlord to do. Attorney Jeffrey Shepro has extensive experience with assisting property owners manage their commercial rental assets in a variety of ways, and he can utilize his expertise and resources to help you get the most out of your rental property.

From helping landlords ensure that their new lease agreements protect them in a variety of potential circumstances to assisting with estimating real costs for repairs and upgrades, Attorney Shepro is an invaluable resource when it comes to the cost-effective management of a rental property.

Drafting and Negotiating Lease Agreements

A lease agreement is the law between landlord and tenant. Jeffrey Shepro, P.C. provides commercial landlord representation such that the law protects you. Jeffrey Shepro, P.C. has the experience to draft and negotiate leases that protect you and yet at the same time make the tenant’s obligations are crystal clear. Clear agreements mean that your tenants are more likely to abide by their contractual obligations and that means less tenant default. Jeffrey Shepro, P.C. also knows that you need to get the deal done fast. Time is critical in negotiations. Any delay could kill the deal. And the faster the deal gets done, the sooner you start collecting rent. Jeffrey Shepro, P.C. strives to get the deal done fast.

Certain guidelines must be followed in order to remedy scenarios where a tenant defaults. It’s not always clear what needs to be done and when. Attorney Shepro has worked extensively with landlords regarding tenant problems and disputes, and he can provide you with the information and legal support you need to resolve tenant issues.

He can help you draft solid lease agreements, negotiate favorable terms and help you manage tenant issues. By drafting solid agreements and moving fast, you can close more deals and start collecting rent sooner. increase the chances that the matter at hand will be resolved in your favor.

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