When you start a business, there are many legal obstacles in the beginning that must be attended to. From choosing the right legal entity or dealing with other business formation matters, it’s important to have an attorney you can trust help you for the first several months of getting your business up and running.New York Business Consulting Lawyer

However, once your company is off the ground, there are still numerous legal issues that can arise throughout the life of your business. Legal correspondence with various entities and other businesses may become necessary, or you may face a dispute at some point with either an employee or a customer. It is critical that you also have solid legal guidance in the event that you face one of the many legal matters that businesses deal with on a daily basis. Attorney Jeffrey Shepro understands how New York laws apply to businesses and can provide you with comprehensive legal advice when you need it.

Legal Consultation

Attorney Shepro will provide you with legal guidance in a variety of business related matters, including business law, employment law, wage and hour laws, tax laws, and more. You’ll get answers to pertinent questions about your business and its activities, and you’ll have the information you need to move forward with any legal issues with confidence.

Legal Documents

Businesses require a variety of legal documents at every stage of the business, from start up to closure. Attorney Shepro can help you create the necessary documents for your company, including employment contracts, policies, insurance documents, tax documents, written agreements, reorganization documents, and other contracts and legal documents that are needed throughout the life of the business.

Legal Communication

In some cases, a business may have the need to engage in legal correspondence with another company or entity. Attorney Shepro will assist you in communicating with the necessary entities and will oversee all legal correspondence, including letters, faxes, emails and items of a legal nature.

Legal Defense

Unfortunately, many businesses face litigation matters despite every attempt to avoid it. In these situations, Jeffrey Shepro, P.C. will zealously defend you and your company in lawsuits that are filed against you, either through amicable negotiation or aggressive litigation in court. You can be confident that when you work with Attorney Shepro, your business will have sound legal protection in any dispute.

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If you are a business owner or manager and require legal guidance or business consulting services, don’t hesitate to contact Jeffrey Shepro, P.C. He has a detailed understanding of federal and state laws that apply to New York businesses and can give you the expert advice you need to conduct business in the most efficient and effective manner.

By having a trusted New York business consulting attorney at the ready, you can get the legal guidance you need quickly. Some matters just can’t wait, and when your business is represented by Attorney Shepro, you can relax knowing that the many legal matters that your business could face will be adequately handled in the most cost-effective way possible.

Call today for a consultation to discuss the ongoing legal needs of your business at (212) 575-2683. Attorney Shepro is available now to speak with you. You can also send email to: contact@sheprolaw.com.


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